2019 Halloween Parade

Photo by Dark Sevier

The Butte America Foundation is proud to host Butte's Inaugural Halloween Parade on October 31, 2019 in Historic Uptown Butte at 6 PM. This years theme is “Light up the Night”! We are encouraging entrants to incorporate lights into the theme of their float seeing as this will be Butte’s only night time parade. Lights are encouraged, but not required. To participate in the 2019 Halloween Parade, please complete the entire form below.

2019 Halloween Parade Application and Information - PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY

Thank you for joining our 2019 Halloween Parade scheduled for Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in Uptown Butte.

Please note the following:

Entry fee is $40.00 for general entries and $30.00 for non-profit organizations.  This is necessary to cover costs associated with the parade and is non-refundable.

There is a set of rules attached to the parade entry.  You are required to read and check the box next to each rule indicating you read and understood the rules. You must also include correct entry fee, copies of proof of current liability insurance, current vehicle registration and current driver’s license of designated driver to: Butte America Foundation (BAmF) PO Box 394 Butte, MT 59703 - or drop off at KBMF 102.5 FM at 156 W. Granite Street (located in the Carpenters Union Hall).

parade insurance requires the following from each entrant.
·         Copy of current vehicle registration and owner’s name.
·         Copy of current driver’s license and name of designated driver.
·         Proof of current liability insurance.

Entry deadline is 11:59 PM, Monday, October 21, 2019. Late entries received will be placed at the end of parade.  There will be no exceptions.  Late entry fee is an additional $40.00 after the October 21 entry deadline.  Please return entry as soon as possible to expedite parade line-up.

 All entrants are required to have one representative attend the pre-parade meeting Monday, October 28th, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Knights of Columbus, 224 W. Park St. Butte, MT.   Numbers will be given to entrants at this time.  Meeting will be short but mandatory.  If you do not have at least 1 representative at this meeting YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE PARADE. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you cannot make the meeting, contact Donavon Hawk at 406.533.9125 or email ddhawk81@gmail.com in advance or you will be removed from the parade lineup.


Parade begins at 6:00 PM, Thursday, October 31st, 2019. Parade assembly begins at the Lexington Gardends on the corner of Arizona and Granite street at 5 PM. The parade begins at the corner of Arizona and Granite Streets, proceeding West on Granite Street to Main Street, South on Main Street to Park Street, and then finally East on Park Street towards Arizona Street where the parade will finish.

 When filling out the dimensions for your entry, please be as accurate as possible so we can allow enough room in the line up. If the size of your float happens to change please contact Donavon immediately!

 Thank you for your participation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call Halloween Parade Director Donavon Hawk of the Butte America Foundation at 406.533.9125 or email at ddhawk81@gmail.com

REMEMBER – All entries received after the October 21st deadline will be assessed a $40.00 fee!  Butte America Foundation reserves the right to prohibit participation by entries deemed unsuitable.

Please read each rule carefully and check mark each box indicating you have fully read and understand the rules.

1. *
All entrants must have at least one representative present for the pre-parade meeting held Monday, October 28th at 6:30 pm at the Knights of Columbus, 224 W. Park St., Butte, MT. THE MEETING IS MANDATORY FOR ALL ENTRANTS. IF AN ENTRANT OR HIS/HER REPRESENTATIVE CANNOT MAKE THE MEETING ENTRANT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE PARADE. NO EXCEPTIONS! If an emergency situation exists, the entrant or entrant representative who cannot make the pre-parade meeting should notify Butte America Foundation at once by calling Donavon Hawk at 406.533.9125.
2. *
All mobile units must carry their own liability insurance. If a mobile unit is being hauled by another vehicle, a safety chain must be used and the vehicle must pass inspection by the parade safety committee. ENTRY FEE, COPIES OF PROOF OF LIABILITY INSURANCE, VEHICLE REGISTRATION AND DESIGNATED DRIVER’S LICENSE MUST ACCOMPANY PARADE ENTRY.
3. *
Parade participants will not be allowed to drink beer or ingest any other type of alcoholic or chemical substance during the parade. They will also not be allowed to mingle with or accost the parade crowd. THIS TYPE OF ACTION WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE PARADE AND POSSIBLE BANISHMENT FROM FUTURE PARADES.
4. *
Butte America Foundation liability insurance prohibits participants from THROWING or TOSSING, candy or any other type of item during the parade. Entrants may hand out items from the sides of the parade next to the spectators. Any entrant who attempts to toss or throw an item will be immediately removed from the parade and potentially banned from all future parades.
5. *
The distance between units during the parade is 25 feet. This must be observed throughout the parade. Entries must keep their assigned position during the formation and throughout the entire course of the parade.
6. *
No entry is allowed to stop during the parade. A forward movement must be maintained by all entries throughout the parade. No entrant shall stop during the parade to conduct an interview with radio or television news people. Interviews will be allowed only as long as entrants maintain a forward movement in the parade.
7. *
Emergency vehicles in the parade are not allowed to blow any siren during the parade. If the vehicle does blow any type of horn, THAT ENTRANT WILL BE ISSUED A TICKET AND REMOVED IMMEDIATELY FROM THE PARADE AND MAY POSSIBLY BE BANNED FROM FUTURE BUTTE AMERICA FOUNDATION PARADES.
8. *
The Butte Halloween Parade is sponsored as a family oriented event and entries that violate any Federal, State or local law are prohibited. The following entries are expressly prohibited: (a) Entries that solicit quarrelling or fighting; (b) Entries that use threatening, profane, abusive or derogatory language; (c) An entry that endangers safety or health or is offensive to the senses; (d) An entry that is obscene or contains any representation or reference to a sexual act, excretory or lewd act; (e) An entry that exposes a person or a group, a class, or association to hatred, contempt, ridicule, degradation, or disgrace in society or injury to the persons, business or occupation; (f) An entry whose purpose is to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend any person, group, class or association; (g) An entry that desecrates the official flag of the United States, the United States Shield, the United States Coat of Arms, the Montana State flag, or a copy, pictures or representation thereof; (h) An entry that endangers, kills, or inflicts cruelty on an animal; (i) An entry that endangers or incites a person or group to riot; (j) An entry which distributes any alcoholic beverages during the parade set-up or along the parade route; (k) An entry which distributes any tobacco /chemical product to any party during the parade set-up or along the parade route; (l) An entry which allows any person on the entry or person connected to the entry to expose their private areas (genitals) under any circumstances during the parade.
9. *
All entries must be assemble at the Lexington Gardens staging area beginning at 5 PM. Entrants must be in place by the time the parade begins at 6:00 PM.
10. *
Entries received after the October 21st, 2019 deadline will be placed at the end of the parade and assessed a $40.00 late fee.
11. *
Numbers will be assigned at the mandatory pre-parade meeting on October 28th at the KC at 6:30 PM. Numbers shall be displayed on the left hand passenger side of the vehicle.
12. *
Only members of Butte America Foundation or their designated agents are allowed to solicit donations or sell items of any kind along the parade route.
13. *
Live ammunition is prohibited.
14. *
Butte America Foundation reserves the right to prohibit participation by entries deemed unsuitable.
15. *
Your Name [First, Last]
Your Name [First, Last]
Name of Entry/Business
Name of Entry/Business
Vehicle Owners Name [First, Last]
Vehicle Owners Name [First, Last]
Designated Drivers Name [First, Last]
Designated Drivers Name [First, Last]
Main Contact Name [First, Last]
Main Contact Name [First, Last]
Main Contact Mailing Address
Main Contact Mailing Address
Alternate Contact Name [First, Last}
Alternate Contact Name [First, Last}
Please check the box below that applies to your entry.
Does your entry have music?
Please check all that apply
Is your entry self-propelled?
Is your entry pulled by another vehicle?
If pulled by another vehicle do you have a safety chain?
Does your entry have liability insurance
Please type your full name [First, Middle Initial, Last] to indicate you have read and fully understand all rules and information provided to you in this application by the Butte America Foundation.

FOR INFORMATION CALL: (406).533.9125

All entries must be submitted and paid for online at www.butteamericafoundation.org

Butte America Foundation
P. O. Box 394

Butte, MT 59703
Tax ID: 46-3324082