Carpenters Hall Renovation Efforts Continue Into Year Four

The Butte America Foundation’s Work on the Carpenters Union Hall

Constructed in 1906, the Carpenters Union Hall in Butte, Montana is the oldest operating labor temple in the state. The Hall is home to five unions and KBMF, Butte’s community radio station, which is the flagship project of the Butte America Foundation. In exchange for reduced rent costs for the radio station, the Butte America Foundation has taken on the renovation efforts of the upper two floors of the building, both of which feature grand ballrooms and spacious offices, but which have seen decades of neglect and deterioration.

The Grant Writing Committee of the Butte America Foundation has, to date, secured more than $25,000 in hard cash funding, and its volunteers have contributed more than 3500 hours of labor in the upper floors. The roof has been replaced, stopping years of devastating water damage; new electrical is in place in the second and third floor ballrooms, and drywall and finish work are underway on both ceilings of the ballrooms.

See the floor plans: Second Floor Layout - Third Floor Layout

The next phase in the renovation effort involves heating and plumbing, which is why we are seeking additional support from the Butte and Montana community, as well as labor/history enthusiasts from around the world.

Please join the cause and donate what you can today. Every little bit helps towards bringing the Hall back.

For more information, contact Carpenters Union Hall Trustee Clark Grant at 406-491-1432