Day of Action Yields Big Progress for Carpenters Hall

A crew of volunteers with the Butte America Foundation and its flagship project, KBMF 102.5FM, removed nearly 12 tons of debris from the Carpenters Union Hall from July-August of 2017, marking a significant step forward for Montana's oldest labor temple. 

The debris, mostly water damaged plaster on the ceiling of the building's third floor, was mucked out as part of an ongoing effort to renovate and reuse the Hall, located at 156 W Granite in uptown Butte. The Butte America Foundation has partnered with Carpenters Union Hall, Inc., the owners of the building, for a multi-year renovation project that will result in reuse of the two upper stories, abandoned for the last several decades. 

In late 2016 K&K Roofing installed a new roof on the building as part of a grant from SARTA, the Superfund Advisory and Redevelopment Trust Authority. Since then, interior improvements have steadily been enacted by BAmF and KBMF volunteers and organizers. Through fundraisers, grant writing, and Days of Action, new electrical wiring has been installed in the second floor ballroom, new drywall has replaced water damaged plaster, and finish work on the second floor has begun.

The major demolition work on the third floor, now complete, makes way for new grant writing and investment opportunities, and BAmF and the Carpenters Hall Board of Trustees will seek new monies for insulation, wiring and drywall to refinish the third floor's luxurious ballroom and offices in the coming year. 

These projects would not be possible without the support of the Butte America Foundation board of directors, the Carpenters Union Hall Trustees, and the volunteers of KBMF. Many thanks to all those involved for undertaking this important endeavor.